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Ballistic Speyline “Vector Magnum” 



Vector Magnum Line Description: The Ballistic Speyline “Vector Magnum” is designed for the 15 ‘ 1″, 16′, and 18′ competition casters, yet it also works very well as a long belly fishing line for those rods greater than 15’. Optimized front and rear tapers are designed to get maximum distance through balance flight and excellent roll-out on those long casts. The taper design is a radical departure from the standard Vector design to meet the demands of extreme long distance casting. The line length is ~75 ft (22.8 m) for the 15′ rods (GEN I 975 gr, II 1000 gr, & III 1050 gr), the Sixteen Comp is ~86 ft and 1150 gr., and the Eighteen Comp LT and XL ~ 95 ft (29m) for the 18′ rods. Line color is Hi-Viz orange for optimal visibility.

The most significant aspect of the Vector Magnum design is its smooth, powerful, and consistent layout performance, even during long casts. This is achieved through balanced proportions of front, belly and rear tapers. All of these features were blended together to establish the optimal flight characteristics which is a trademark of all Ballistic Speylines.


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