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Our Mission is to provide quality products and instruction to meet our customer’s angling needs. We provide Ballistic Fly Lines Fly Fishing Equipment.

Fly Fishing Lessons

As a FFI Certified Casting Instructor I offer quality casting instructions on Lake Conroe in Willis, Texas for both single and two-handed fly caster

Our Pro Performance single handed fly line is specifically designed for the FFI CI and MCI tests which require great all around casting attributes such as long distance (85′ +), roll cast, accuracy and mending.  This makes it an all around great line for fishing!

We also offer Spey Lines for the two handed Angler.
The Ballistic Express Series Shooting Head Line, The Ballistic Launcher Series, the Short Belly Multi Tip System with and without integrated running lines. The Vector Series Mid-Belly, and The Vector XL Series Longer Belly Line. All Ballistic Fly Lines are designed to be user friendly yet lend themselves to advanced Casting techniques due to extended front and rear tapers.

Please visit our Fly Shop for other top quality products, rods, reels, leader systems and more.

“FREE SHIPPING” for all orders placed in the U.S.A. Gulf Coast Spey is also the monitor for “Ol Al’s CI Study Group”. If you are seeking FFI CI Certification or just desire to be a better caster and angler, contact Gulf Coast Spey at and request to be added to our membership to recieve e-mail distribution of information shared by CCI Candidates, CI and MCI members..

All the best
Gary Davison (FFI Certified Instructor)
Gulf Coast Spey, LLC
Cell: 936-230-2729

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